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Perched Huts

On our unusual campsite, find our 5 wooden cabins perched on stilts. All are laid out in the same way but benefit from a different and exceptional location. All our cabins are far from each other and are oriented so as to have no vis-à-vis. By staying there with family, couple or friends, you will find yourself immersed in the heart of nature, in the forest, in a maintained and protected environment.

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To each his height

Are you looking to gain height? Go for the Esteleta, Lou Castalhan or the Luna Vaira! Are you looking for a perched hut with simplified access? Lou Arbrilhon and Lou Riu are ideal with their spiral staircases or walkways. The lowest is perched 3.5 meters high, the highest is 5 meters.

Patois names

To honor our southwestern identity, we have chosen to give them names taken from the local patois: La Luna Vaira (The Veiled Moon), L’Esteleta (The Little Star), Lou Riou (The River) , Lou Arbrilhon (The Little Tree), and Lou Castalhan (The Chestnut Grove).

100% natural immersion

At night fall asleep lulled by the owl and in the morning wake up gently to the melodious song of the birds. From the terrace, there is also no better spot to admire the stars! Everything is there to spend a relaxing, disconnected or/and romantic stay.