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Mobil-homes - Premium & Eco

Domaine Périgord Vacances offers two ranges of mobile homes so that each family, according to their budget, can find what they are looking for. These 32m² accommodations, for 5 people, are all identically furnished with a double bedroom and a triple bedroom, a shower room, a separate toilet and a kitchen/living room. Outside, spacious terraces have been built and covered over 9m2 to take your meals sheltered from the weather or the sun, to take your nap lulled by the chirping of birds, to relax on your deckchair.

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A range for every budget

Concerned that every family can enjoy the area, we offer two ranges of Mobile homes: the Premium Range are recent accommodations with all the modern comforts. The Eco Range are more vintage but just as comfortable accommodations that can match the smallest wallets.

Privacy and relaxation

Each terrace is oriented to take advantage of the sun but also of the shade, which is very appreciable during the high summer heat. ! The location of each of them, back to back, as well as a vast “garden space” allows you to maintain your privacy as much as possible.