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Round Huts

Welcome to our little village of round log cabins. You will not find more unusual accommodation: they are unique in France! Straight out of an Asterix and Obelix comic strip, or an African village, our round accommodations are also a replica of a typical architecture of the south of France: the borie.

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Round like the world!

Accustomed to habitats at right angles, you will discover round accommodations where all the furniture has been made to measure. This atypical design will already be a real unusual experience. Our 4 round cabins are of identical design: only the decoration changes.

Patois names

To honor our southwestern identity, we have chosen to give them names taken from the local patois: La Terra Negra (The Black Earth), La Machota (The Hulotte Owl), La Bela Sorga (The Beautiful Source ), 3 Shards (3 little pigs).

What is a "borie"?

These cabins are inspired by the Bories. But then, what is it? These constructions, located on the edge of agricultural fields, were used by farmers to take shelter, during bad weather or in the evening to rest after a day of hard work.